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IPM Italia together with Werner Tscholl, Italian architect active mainly in Alto Adige region, designed the new Tramin Winery of Bozen.

Tscholl, with its structures able to fit harmoniously into the natural environment of the Alpine valleys, dominated by the traditional architecture, with its modern elements such as large glass windows and visible steel structures, chose our solutions for the coating of different rooms.

More specifically, the project of Tramin Winery in the original external structure reminds of the natural weaving of the grapevine and provides an entrance foyer, coming from the pre-existent building, as an element symbol of the tradition, the “heart” from which the new intervention developed.


High tickness fibre-reinforced epoxy mortar system, impermeable and with high mechanical and chemical resistance. Ideal for the restoration of old cracked and damp floors, allowing the recreation of inclines and flatness.


Inspired by concrete flooring able to carry any kind of mechanical stress. Solidity and functionality remain the same, but the style changes.
The system has a distinctive “mélange” aspect, which gives dynamism to the flooring and makes it very contemporary.


IPM Italia installed the epoxy mortar system IPM BLINDO with anti-slip finishing in the areas dedicated to the conservation and refinement where a flooring with high resistance to abrasion was necessary.

The characteristic of this type of processing by means of mortar in “wet earth” allows the optimization of surfaces with inclines and/or the recovery of important height with minimal downtime.

In the showroom, located in a very striking area, with large glass windows showing the surrounding mountains, installers chose a decorative system of great effect.

The light grey brushed coating contrasts with the bright green of the structure and of the panorama, thus giving value and elegance to the shelves made of warm blond wood that house the bottles.


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