Cliente Privato


IPM Italia was choice by one of the most important architectural firm Park Associati, as a supplier of the resin floors.

A very innovative project in the main street of Milano Corso Garibaldi, which want to be an hub able to host bar, restaurant ad co-working spaces in an only one building. An idea by the insurance company an Milano is just the starting city.

IPM Italia realized a very particular resin floor made by purple-blue and violet resin with a different effect from glossy to opaque.
The continuous resin floor is broken by the brilliant line of the brass joints.


Decorative system with “concrete effect” that brings to mind the concrete floorings once used in industry and craft workshops subject to all types of stress.


Decorative system with “spatulate effect” medium thick system that, thanks to a skilful use of spatulas and resins, is very versatile.

200 sqm of resin floor install by IPM Italia certified team who was able to create sometimes a micro-cement and sometimes a cloudy effect using two different resinous systems: IPM FABRIKA and IPM CULT.

For the kitchen was installed a specific resinous coating for food environments, HACCP certified according to the rules of the sector.

The installation was made in continuity floor-walls for about 140 sqm without any joint, in order to ensure the highest degree of hygiene and easily of cleaning.

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