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Orsero SPA group, leader in Mediterranean Europe for the import and distribution of fruit and vegetables, occupies a prestigious position in both Italy and Portugal and counts 3 players in France and 2 in Spain.

Each year it distributes more than 700 thousand tons of fruit and vegetables in the mentioned markets and owns 160,000 square metres of workspace located between Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico.

The Group's 20 and more factories have the main international certification in terms of quality, health, safety and social responsibility, For this reason, all the materials used to build the factories had to meet the highest standards.


Glazing breathable hydrodispersed system for walls, meets the needs of sanitization according to the laws in force.
Both systems consist of with breathable formulas of new generation.


Multilayered breathable hydrodispersed system with semi-smooth finishing.


IPM Italia was chosen to take care of the surfaces of the Italian headquarter that deals with the distribution of fruit and vegetables throughout the Italian territory.

All the goods, purchased daily in the largest national and foreign markets by specialised personnel, is stored in a special department of the factory based in Florence, where it is controlled and selected by experts who monitor the products daily.

Here, the need was to have a highly anti-bacterial coating, while for the packaging department, used for large equipment and machinery, the need was to have very resistant floorings.

The system developed in our laboratory, together with the local sales technician, was a multilayered system obtained from IPM AQUAPERM STRATOS, IPM AQUAPERM CERAMIX with direct addition in the formula of a special antibacterial treatment.

Our certified teams installed the multilayered system and to guarantee the suitable hygienic conditions required by the client, realized on all the surfaces the floor-wall connections with special gauges making the entire coating completely free of leaks.

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