Dirt roads: rebuilding, stabilization and control

Dirt roads… almost always located in striking natural settings of rare beauty.

They are not just the means to reach wonderful destinations, they are themselves an integral part of the marvels of the landscape. But these natural roads are as pleasant and beautiful as they are exposed and fragile.

Those who work in forestry agriculture or livestock farming, those who develop outdoor activities, in direct contact with the land, have certainly and repeatedly experienced the fragility of dirt roads and non-stabilized soils. Bad weather, violent atmospheric events, rain and mud, vehicle transit, ruts... all this undermines the stability  and even the structure and safety of dirt roads, creating problems for the normal transit of vehicles and people.

Not to mention the deterioration of the aesthetic aspect which, in certain contexts such as tourism and landscape, becomes an element that can make the difference.

For 40 years IPM Italia has been investing on an untiring  Reasearch & Development activity in the production and installation of continuous resin and concrete floorings, and brought its expertise in the realization of a specific line conceived to solve the problems and to meet the needs of dirt roads in forest, agricultural and pastoral environments: that's how IPM Green Paving Line was born.

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IPM Italia for dirt road management

IPM Green Paving Line is a range of eco-friendly products, with zero VOC emissions, that respect the land (including flora and fauna) and are suitable for stabilization, maintenance and dust control of dirt roads: cycle lanes, tourist paths, trials in forests, cultivated fields, livestock farming areas or areas subject to constraints.

These products are easy to install, also with readily available machinery. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of exploiting the materials already present in situ, they integrate perfectly into the existing natural context, adapting to every design option.


Reliability that lasts

For our products we choose the best and most resistant materials.
This is because dirt roads have to stand hard daily work outdoors and all the unforeseen weather events.


More ahead, safer

Research and Development never stops.
Each product we recommend is the safest and most technologically advanced our laboratory has created, tested and proven.


Always with you, everywhere

You can count on us in every phase of the work.
In addition to consulting services, our technical staff will assist you through to installation and maintenance.


Naturally, with respect

Eco-friendly technologies, sustainable worksites (that recover processing waste), innovative solutions that protect nature and those who live in contact with it ... this is IPM Italia.


IPM Italia for dirt road management

The ideal choice for stabilizing the soil of:

  • agro-forestry-pastoral roads
  • mountain roads and trails
  • paths in parks and green areas
  • cycle lanes and pedestrian paths
  • unstable and dusty soils to be redeveloped
  • construction tracks and quarries

The ideal choice for these environments:

  • forestry activities
  • vineyards, orchards, olive groves
  • areas / farms and livestock
  • farmhouses
  • city and natural parks
  • mountain, hill and lake areas
  • beach areas/establishments
  • sports grounds

Stabilized soil: our solutions for dirt roads

Stabilized soil means safe and drivable road paving in all conditions.
IPM Italia has studied the problems and critical issues of dirt roads and proposes three solutions that have already been widely tested by dozens of interventions throughout Italy.


For the stabilization of dirt roads

The soil of natural roads, weakened by weather and rainwater, is broken up by mud and ruts. Traditionally, in order to stop the holes that form, the solution adopted is the periodic filling of cubic meters of material. IPM Stab is the answer to this problem.
Just till the first 20/25 cm of soil and treat it with our product. You will obtain a stabilized, compact, driveway and cycle-pedestrian pavement that is nearly impermeable.
Free of mud, ruts, holes, and with high compressive strength and high CBR.


Large size, forest and mountain trails, pastoral and agricultural roads.

The advantages:

  • no material filling
  • immediate driving
  • resistance and durability
  • safe for health
  • quick installation


To improve the quality and aesthetics of dirt roads

Dirt roads often consist of non-stabilized soil of poor quality both from the functional and aesthetics point of view. The solution is IPM Soil, an eco-friendly binder that allows to select aggregates (by grain size, colour, type) and bind them together obtaining a great flexibility in design and also aesthetics. The result is a stabilized soil and a driveway flooring after only 5 days, for a dust-proof dirt road, not subject to the formation of mud and ruts and that integrates perfectly into any environmental and architectural context.


Dirt roads, tracks and floorings subject to environmental constraints, parks, garden centres, cycle lanes.

The advantages:

  • Possibility of sampling
  • design/ aesthetic flexibility
  • resistance and durability
  • safe for health
  • easy maintenance


Dust-proof treatment on stabilized soil

The dust that rises as vehicles and people pass over unpaved roads and paths is annoying. But can also become dangerous in the case of construction site tracks or quarries, where the transit of heavy equipment raises veritable clouds of dust that are breathed in or settle on vegetation and machinery. The answer to this problem is IPM Duster, the anti-dust treatment based on resins and natural oils that sprays and penetrates under the surface making it cohesive, solid, resistant even to heavy loads and rain.


Dirt roads in construction sites, quarries and dumps, cycle lanes and pedestrian paths, cultivated areas, farms, vineyards, olive groves.

The advantages:

  • maintenance costs cut
  • water use reduced by 90%
  • all-season installation
  • installation on any kind of soil
  • no evaporation or frost
  • not harmful to health and environment