2.700 lt/sq.m/minute

Drainage capacity



Projects carried out in 1 year



Variety of colours

The very high drainage capacity.The sustainability of an eco-friendly binder. The beauty of the marble, the value of granite, the essentiality of porphyry. The aesthetic stability. In a word: IPM GeoDrena®, the ideal solution for outdoor continuous floorings.

Thanks to a thickness of 10 mm, it is a resistant coating suitable for parking areas and is easy to install everywhere: on existing foundations even if worn, on new foundations such as concrete, natural stones, terrain. If the foundation is not cohesive, we install the specific IPM supports.

For an attractive touch, it is possible to choose a luminescent effect: IPMGeoDrena LUMI, a solution to illuminate a cycle lane at night, but also to design a brand or a private emblem.

IPM GeoDrena® was born in our internal laboratory. We prepare the natural inerts and then we mix them directly at the building yard with our exclusive eco-friendly binder with zero VOC.

We take care of the installation personally by means of IPM trained and certified teams: the fastest and safest way to get the most out of the system and do a perfect job that meets your expectations.

Our system received the approval of the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape and of other Bodies.

Characteristics and performance make it suitable for every project need aimed at respecting and upgrading the territory.

Immediate drainage

Thanks to the impermeability and porosity of the internal structure, the drainage of the rainwater takes place as soon as it touches the surface. As rain filters through natural materials, the floorings do not require further recovery treatments.

Rapid installation, easy maintenance

About 1/3 less than the time taken to install similar materials such as asphalt or self-blocking blocks.
Cleaning with pressurized water without using detergents.

Anti-slip action

Thanks to the rapid passage of air and the immediate drainage, in case of rain or ice it prevents the formation of slippery and dangerous veils or surface slabs.

Resistant to climate, chemicals and overheating

The system reacts to freeze/thaw cycles. It offers a high reaction to fire and aggression of hydrocarbons, greases, organic debris and waste. In addition, thanks to its high capacity to reflect solar radiation, it reduces the phenomenon of the heat island.


The possibility to choose among tones and splits of natural grits assures versatility and adaptability to every project. It is possible to compose geometric shapes, numbers, letters, brands, logos, coats of arm.
In addition to this, thanks to its particular production technique, original aesthetical characteristics last over time without yellowing.


Our corporate responsibility can be found in our products with less and less impact on the environment with low or zero VOC emissions.
IPM GeoDrena® is an eco-friendly system that respects nature, health and safety.

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Thirty-six colours. Precious grits such as marbles, granites, porphyries and quartz. Wide range of splits between cobblestones and cuts of different dimensions.
A chromatic extension that varies from Bianco Carrara and Rosa Corallo to the warm Rosso Verona.
From Giallo Mori to the elegant Nero Ebano and Black/White Quartz, up to the bright Verde Alpi and Caldo Porfido. 100% made in Italy, with a natural anti-slip effect.

Granito Millefiori
Granito Montorfano
Marmo Grigio Bardiglio
Marmo Bianco Carrara
Marmo Botticino
Marmo Breccia Pernice
Marmo Giallo Mori
Marmo Giallo Siena
Marmo Nero Ebano
Marmo Rosa Corallo
Marmo Rosso Verona
Porfido Arancione
Porfido Marrone
Quarzo Bianco
Quarzo Nero Gold
Serpentino Verde Alpi


Suitable everywhere. Squares, residential areas, shopping centres. Avenues, paths, golf grounds. Cycle lanes, car parks. Villas, terraces, pool edges.
IPM GeoDrena® naturally adapts to the intended use thanks to the variety of grits and colours.


Regenerating without demolishing… with IPM GeoDrena® this is possible.
It is possible to regenerate any square without demolishing the entire existing flooring. This thanks to the innovative installation of IPM GeoDrena® , less invasive and odourless, which does not cause any discomfort either to the road network or to the commercial activities close to the worksite.


Grey cement, bye bye! IPM GeoDrena® is suitable to redesign ex-novo or upgrading the commercial areas. Parking areas, large squares, public, pedestrian and rest areas... thanks to the variety of colours of the natural grits it is possible to customize the floorings with geometric effects, inscriptions, brands and coats of arms. In addition to being accessible to vehicles, it offers drainage capacity and eco-sustainability.


The rain comes down, what does it happen? Nothing at all! Thanks to its draining capacity, IPM GeoDrena® prevent the formation of water stagnation, puddles and slipperiness. Outdoor floorings will be safe and pleasant from the aesthetical point of view. In addition, it is suitable to design areas accessible to vehicles or to create green inserts through installation directly on the existing soil.


Sensitivity and versatility: no mission is impossible for IPM GeoDrena®. The high drainage capacity and the resistance to transit and climate phenomena make it perfect for projects of large size and subject to delicate interventions. An example? The Superintendence for Environmental, Architectural and Archaeological Heritage chose IPM GeoDrena® to restore the Colosseum in Rome.


Switch on the light with IPM GeoDrenaLumi, the illuminating version of IPM GeoDrena®.

Thanks to a special treatment of the inerts, the entire flooring or a part of it at your discretion becomes luminescent. A creative and functional solution, suitable for example to illuminate a cycling lane or to highlight a trademark at the entrance of a company or a coat of arm at the entrance of a villa.


The floors of the different outdoor areas of the Marina’s need to have a lot of characteristics.

IPM Italia as a solution offers non only IPM GeoDrena® but also others different systems studied for realize floorings able to answer to the needs of the Merina’s.

IPM GeoDrena® Kit

Create your preferred combination with the 32 natural inerts.