IPM Italia offers a wide range of solutions to realize concrete floorings.

Our technical staff study the most suitable solution based on the client's request, type of support and the intended use of the flooring itself, designing it with the latest technology  both in terms of installation and materials.

IPM Italia already aligned with the new regulations deriving from the CNR-DT 211/2014 directive dedicated to thedesign, execution and control ofconcrete floorings. Our sales engineers have been working for years with specialists in the calculation of structures that can identify the optimal solution for each industrial floor: classic, without joints, with the control of maximum cracking, post-tensioned floor coverings or floor coverings without reinforcement. Each one of them can be applied to any commercial sector: from logistics and infrastructure to mechanics.

As producers we ensure the optimization of  the ratio between quality and price with high quality standards for surfaces with high performance and extremely durable. Moreover, IPM Italia takes care of the final test carried out by its internal laboratory staff, for an evaluation made directly onsite  also during  the phase of  installation. If necessary, for the definition of the materials and for the study of the ideal mix design, IPM also collaborates with external specialized laboratories.

Our certified teams  use the latest generation machinery and techniques in order to guarantee the perfect management of  all the aspects of the flooring, from flatness to cracking control.

pavimento in calcestruzzo ipm

Concrete floorings:
guaranteed durability and resistance

The study of the concrete mix design for the realization of indoor and outdoor industrial floorings represents a choice always winning. Durability, resistance and impermeability make it a perfect base, even in the presence of large volumes. Used mainly in warehouses, industrial areas, car parks and large works it is able to offer a safe environment in any context. We can provide customized and high-quality solutions that perfectly meet the needs of each customer, using the most modern solutions from the polishing of new or old floorings  to installation of different types  of glazing silicates, to the use of armour plating made of concrete/quartz/resin.

Our staff can  satisfy any request, designing and implementing ad hoc solutions able to meet the needs of the individual. Type of concrete, colour, aesthetical aspect, finishing: our concrete floorings will perfectly fit into any context.