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IPM QCF Rapid represents the innovation of 2019 for our company.

Installed for the first time in Bozen in one of the greatest meat warehouses of Despar Group, it has achieved excellent results. IPM Italia teams had 48 ore to requalify 200 square metres of corridors and aisles: “once the shelves and machinery were properly protected, we waited for the removal of the old flooring made of PVC tiles. We discovered a very damp foundation due to cracks in the old flooring that allowed water penetration. The strategy was to smooth the foundation and install a specific primer for the treatment of wet foundations" were the words of the Area Manager of Triveneto of IPM ITALIA. Works began at 8:00 p.m. on Friday night and went on during the weekend with the installation of the first layer consisting of a mix of red, white and grey ceramic quartzes. The floor was sanded, vacuum cleaned and completed with a smooth finishing.


Decorative epoxy system with transparent finishing and mix of coloured glazed quartzes.

corridoio despar ipm

The aesthetic impact is really of great effect, but what is more important is that at 04:00 a.m. on Sunday the electric forklift trucks were running without problems in the aisles of the warehouse.

This is the great success of the latest innovative system of the IPM Italia internal laboratory, a product able to allow upgrading work in a very short time and to catalyze quickly even at very low temperatures: Despar warehouse counted no more than 3.4 degrees.

More hygienic, because it is seamless and easy to clean, impermeable, much more durable and very nice: this was the result obtained in 48 hours thanks to IPM QCF Rapid.

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