"If you want to build a boat, don't gather men to cut wood,
divide the tasks and give orders, but teach them nostalgia for the vast and infinite sea."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Marina, is not only a safe place but also an area when people can enjoy the sea lifestyle: freedom, serenity, elegance. From piers to boutique, from restaurants to shipyards, Marina offers a lot of services and areas for many different functions. All of them have specific floors, with technical and aesthetical different characteristics.

IPM Italia’s range of floorings is able to answer completely to all of the needs of the marina’s areas and it can also  improve performance and resistance of them.

IPM Italia’s versatility and experience at the service of the Marina’s sector.

The best floorings for indoor and outdoor, studied for the Marina.




Outdoor resin and natural grains solutions

Outdoor solutions made with resin and natural grits
Outdoor floors for the marina need to have so many different characteristics
IPM Italia offers different systems studied to realize floorings with the right requirements based on the functions

  • IPM Geo Drena® for walkways, outdoor areas like piers and squares
  • IPM Gummy: for play areas
  • IPM Freetime: per walkways and cycle lanes



Resin solutions for indoor areas

IPM Italia’s floorings studied for restaurants, bar and public areas are versatile and performing.

Able to bear pick of influx, easy to clean, sanitize and without joints they are very good aesthetically and they are very practical to use with a huge chromatic range.

  • IPM CULT - the spatolato, the suitable interpreter for all situations
  • IPM FABRIKA - the echo of a strong industrial past



Solutions for the management of the shipyards

Workshops and shipyards are real factories, in these areas ships were built and repaired.

These environments are subject to chemical, mechanical and accidental abrasions so they require floors that are resistant to compression, impact and wear. IPM Italia answers with systems that are resistant, planar, easy to clean and maintain and durable over time.

  • IPM BLINDO - high thickness epoxy screed with monochrome finish
  • IPM STRATOS - Monochrome effect multilayer epoxy system



Solutions for comfortable stops

IPM Italia resin coatings for parking are compliant with OS8 - 0S9 - OS10 - 0S11 regulations. Resistant to continuous stresses and constant medium-heavy vehicle loads, they are non-slip, easy to maintain and clean, even in the case of oil leaks.

Suitable for multi-floor parking, it is possible to integrate with signage and with luminescent and reflective effects.

  • IPM PARKING: system for parking compliant with parking regulations.
Parking garage, underground interior with a few parked cars



Resin solutions for “on board” coatings

From the major cruise ships to the yacht and the transport vessels and motor boating: IPM Italia has solutions versatile, able to valorize and safeguarding all floors.

Comfortable areas, characterized by conviviality and livability, without sacrificing safety and hygiene thanks to the high degree of non-slip and the absence of leaks.

Resistant to foot traffic in the indoor areas and to seawater abrasion in outdoor areas, IPM Italia resin flooring is the suitable choice for "on board" comfortable life.