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ComoNext is a Digital Innovation Hub and an Incubator of start-ups certified MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) based in the ancient Cotton mill Somaini of Lomazzo, restored with an excellent operation of recovery of industrial archaeology. It was born in 2010 by order of the Chamber of Commerce of Como, thanks also to an extraordinary contribution of Fondazione Cariplo.

The objectives of ComoNExT are essentially three: attracting innovative companies, transferring innovation on the territory and promoting the development of new entrepreneurship thanks to the incubation of start-ups.


Medium thick multilayered epoxy system with monochromatic effect and anti-slip finishing, suitable to to medium stress surfaces.

The coating assures good chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance.


Como NEXT is an innovative hub that puts the competencies and the knowledge of esteemed professionals available to companies that want to innovate.

In the wide surfaces of this completely renovated structure, there are today more than one hundred companies including start-ups and companies of the hi-tech sector, which needs help to face digital and market changes in general.

This is an area of 70 thousand square metres in total, of which 22 thousand square metres destined to sharable areas stimulating the constructive exchange of ideas: from the offices to the laboratories and to equipped open spaces and advanced logistics services to best meet the most different needs.

The Hub is also suitable for temporary events such as conventions, corporate meetings and meetings in general. The three auditoriums with 20, 40 or 100 seats are very modern.

Our company also participated in the recovery of the old factory, designed by Ado Franchini, through the production, design and installation of resin floorings and walls in bright colours: red as the passion that you can breathe in all the surfaces and beige to make them warm and comfortable.


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