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IPM GeoDrena® is an innovative design surface, eco-friendly, dedicated to people who think “in green”, not only for the outdoor, but also for covered spaces, such as garages and car parks.

It is in fact an eco-friendly, draining and breathable system based on new generation formulas with ZERO VOC certification. Thanks to the use of visible natural quartzes or marbles, mixed with the eco-friendly binder produced in our internal laboratory, IPM GeoDrena® gives aesthetical value to the environments with very high technical performance.

The surfaces made with IPM GeoDrena®, in fact, are perfectly suitable for vehicles, certified for the coefficient of friction, resulting very anti-slip, draining and free from stagnation, resistant to high mechanical stress, to temperature ranges, to crushing, to freeze and thaw cycles and to the action of anti-ice fluids and Salts and hydrocarbons.

IPM GeoDrena® is suitable for installation on existing floorings such as concrete, asphalt, tiles or directly on compacted soils.

For example, in this Swiss residential complex, installation took place on the concrete, while a polyurethane membrane, favouring the flow of any water and waste from the vehicles towards the drainage channels, was placed between the system and the foundation.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Ideal solution to realize open continuous floorings.

Its characteristics and performance make it suitable for any design requirement aimed at adding value and respecting the territory.

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