carried out in 1 year


265.000+ sq. m

installed in 1 year




Our resin floorings represent a valid alternative to traditional products: they can coat and protect existing surfaces conferring them resistance, impermeability and preventive action against dust.

As they are seamless, they offer a pleasant visual impact and the excellent aesthetic performance is combined with great ease of use with an almost infinite variety of colours.

Mechanical resistance and thickness give stability to any flooring, regenerating it without demolishing.

They fear neither time nor trampling, are resistant to wear and tear, carry temperature changes and are anti-slip.

Moreover, the surfaces installed by IPM Italia are more hygienic because continuous and seamless.

We study and produce all the products in our laboratory, using high quality raw materials and we conceive the most suitable systems in compliance with the regulations established for each sector.

An IPM Italia resin system is:

  • SAFE because it is a seamless continuous surface
  • COMPLIANT to the regulations of each sector and to food, antistatic, electronic and parking regulations
  • RAPID with short installation time and zero or minimal downtime
  • RESISTANT to chemical-physical aggressions, wear and scratches
  • CUSTOMIZABLE with a wide range of colours and specific characteristics
  • HYGIENIC because seamless and without interruption of continuity with the wall
  • IDEAL FOR REGENERATING because it can be installed on pre-existing floorings, even if they are deteriorated, without demolishing them

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Solutions to protect hygiene


Consumers increasingly share the attention to the healthiness and quality of food they eat demanding specific hygiene guarantees. We have been studying the problems linked to the food processing industry for many years and we offer a range of resin-based systems in compliance with HACCP regulations that are breathable, easy washable, anti-slip and, mainly, hygienic thanks to the possibility to have complete wall coatings.

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Logistics / Automotive

Solutions designed to carry any stress


Heavy stress, both chemical and mechanical, stress from vehicle passage, accidental abrasions... we know the stress load that floors have to carry in the mechanical, logistics and automotive industry. For this reason, we propose resin-based systems very resistant to compression, pushes and wear. Coatings always characterised by flatness, easy cleaning, durability and minimum maintenance.

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Chemical / Textile
Dyeing Plant / Tannery

Solutions to combat chemical aggression


Chemical agents always represent a problem. When the processing includes the use of corrosive substances, solvents, acids, bases, colouring agents ... it is better to install one of our resin coatings. Born from the long-term experience and collaboration with companies in the sector, they assure some indispensable guarantees such as high chemical-physical resistance, maximum hygiene, breathability, easy cleaning and sanitization and minimum maintenance. They are also a barrier if there are potentially dangerous inflammables in the working environment. Choose safety with IPM Italia coatings.

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Solutions to protect health and aseptic environments


Safety and protection: from what is visible, but mainly from what is not. There are no alternatives to assure to staff and patients a total aseptic environment with high hygienic performance: our ad-hoc systems are the ideal choice. Thanks to the system IPM SANIX our coatings assure the maximum hygiene, have a preventive action, are anti-dust and easy to clean and maintain.

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Electronical / AST-ESD

Solutions to contrast electrostatic discharges


Do you work in environments subject to AST/ESD regulations? Our systems are a concrete aid in passive protection from electrostatic discharges. Our systems assure passive protection if there are potentially dangerous inflammables stored in the working environment. Choose safety with IPM Italia coatings.

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Large Scale Distribution

Solutions to welcome, support and involve


Solutions to welcome, support and involve People spend more and more time in shopping centres, not only to shop but also to meet and socialize. Our coatings fully meet both performance specifications in terms of resistance, duration, easy cleaning, sanitization and aesthetical and decorative specifications with a range of customized colours and effects.

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Contract / Public
Catering / Hospitality

Solutions to welcome, host and communicate


Versatile and with high-performance. These are IPM ITALIA’s coatings studied for showrooms, hotels, restaurants, bars, major architectural works, museums and public and private community spaces. Each environment has its own characteristics, requirements and variables to evaluate. In addition to welcome peak flows of people and assuring easy cleaning and sanitization, our systems have a natural predisposition to design with decorative effects that support the originality of any project.

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Big Works

Solutions for redeveloping, upgrading and preserving


When projects are big in terms of size and quality of intervention, they require special skills and a trained staff. For this reason, we have created a qualified internal structure dedicated to analysing, organizing and carrying on such works with ad-hoc solutions. Versatile in their integration into any environmental context (recent or old), reliable in performance, easy to maintain, our resin coatings are carefully installed by IPM Italia certified teams.

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Solutions to facilitate transit


Our resin coatings for car parks comply with OS8-0S9-OS10-0S11 regulations. They therefore carry continuous stresses and constant medium heavy vehicle loads. They are anti-slip, easy to maintain and clean, even in case of oily losses. For a complete service, we can offer our expertise to characterize the single parking places, floors and to provide adequate internal signs with luminescent and reflecting effects.

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IPM Italia products and services: a complete offer

«All IPM Italia’s products and systems are created in our internal laboratory, thanks to a constant research focused on innovation and technological progress.
For this reason we are able to guarantee a cutting-edge and always updated offer in line with market trends and regulations»

Andrea Penati – Technical Director

Epoxy and polyurethane systems

Studied for low, medium, high thickness coatings (such as film-based, multilayered, self-levelling and mortar-based) they are suitable for application on foundations with content of humidity lower than 3%-3.5% and in the absence of counterthrusts.

VOC-free, breathable hydrodispersed products and systems

The innovative hydrodispersion technology of IPM AQUAPERM assures bright finishings without shrinkage and with high chemical and mechanical resistance. IPM AQUAPERM formulas are suitable for installation also in the presence of high humidity rates or major osmotic counterthrusts, but mainly on uncured concrete and the majority of the foundations. The micro porous structure of these formulas generates an osmosis process, with transport of humidity from the foundation to the environment, maintaining an excellent adhesion.

  • Pellicular Systems
  • Multilayered systems
  • Self-levelling system
  • Antistatic and ESD certified systems
  • Polyurethane Systems
  • Decorative Systems
  • High-thickness epoxy mortar system
  • System for Car Parks En 1504-2
  • System for recreational areas
  • Eco-friendly system for cycle lanes
  • Wall and Anticorrosive coatings
  • Primers and adhesion promoters
  • Finishing consisting of thick film
  • Finishings for multilayered systems
  • Binders for mortars
  • Self-levelling formulas
  • Formulas for joints and outside gouges
  • Epoxy stuccoes and mortars
  • Formulas for car parks
  • Elastic sheaths
  • Hardeners
  • Charges
  • Pellicular and Impregnating Breathable Systems
  • Multilayered Breathable Systems
  • Self-levelling System
  • High-Thickness Epoxy Mortar for humid foundations
  • Impregnating formulas for concrete
  • Adhesion promoters
  • Binders for breathable mortars
  • Finishings


Products formulated with an innovative technology that allows obtaining systems that make the surfaces more hygienic and protected from external agents.

Easy to clean, they maintain the hygienic characteristics unaltered even after several washes and long-term use.



Products formulated with an innovative technology that allows obtaining systems that make the surfaces anti-static and conform to the standards of conductivity according to the regulation EI 61340-5-1.

They comply with AST/ESD regulations and they protect the environments dedicated to sensitive processes and subject to electrostatic discharges. IPM Italia’s laboratory issues the conductivity certification of the system installed thanks to a constantly calibrated and updated instrumentation.