corridoio cantina vini bolzano

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Kellerei Bozen – Winery of Bozen, as a South Tyrolean winery linked to tradition based in the homonymous city, has been producing fine wines with a regional character since its foundation in 2001. For the coating of the interior the owners chose the solutions of IPM Italia that were installed by its certified teams, more than 9.000 square metres of epoxy resins produced in the internal laboratory.

Our technicians, to meet the different needs of the areas to pave, opted for three different systems: 

IPM AQUAPERM SEALER for the warehouse where the bottles are stored and canned. Here we cleaned the concrete floor and then we covered it with the resin formula in order to make it dustproof and easier to maintain.

In the other departments, our teams installed IPM STRATOS in three different colours.

Red in the in the wine processing area, light grey in the bottling area and Red burgundy in the area of the barrels and in the showroom. The contrast between the warm colour of the wood from the barrels and the flooring that brings to mind the nuances of the red grape berries was unique and wonderful.


IPM Stratos is a multilayered epoxy system with monochromatic effect and anti-slip finishing with a thickness between 1.0 and 2.5 mm. The system is suitable for use in any product sector and its installation speed reduces the time of intervention and downtime.


IPM AQUAPERM SEALER is a transparent hydrodispersed impregnating system.

It consolidates cement foundations with low resistance and is ideal as “curing” in the control of evaporability of the release water in fresh concrete. Moreover, it limits the formation of micro cracks and warping.

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