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Terento is a small town in the middle of the mountains of Pusteria Valley, in Alto Adige region. In this wonderful natural view, at a height of 1210 metres, the Viennese architects of the Firm "Feld 72" created a new structure dedicated to the nursery school of the town.
Specifically, the project provided the construction of three separate houses with large windows connected by incredibly bright corridors.

A project with an innovative architectural content, perfectly integrated with the buildings of the nearby elementary school, and meeting all the needs of the young guests.

IPM Italia, in charge of studying, producing and install the floorings, collaborated with the local trustee applicator Mair Sas di Villabassa (BZ) in order to carry out all the inspections and the necessary investigations with the site managers.


Thanks to its flexibility, it reduces the noise of walking by absorbing its impact. Available with opaque finishing, it is the ideal choice for those who prefer simplicity and soft lines.


Glazing breathable hydrodispersed system for walls, able to meet sanitization needs according to the laws in force. Both systems provide the use of breathable formulas of new generation.


IPM SILENTIA was the system chose for the different areas hosting the different activities of the children (play, learning, rest, lunch). A system able to assure excellent technical performance, chromatic customization and security.

IPM SILENTIA is the solution ideal for nursery school, children’s room, gyms, multi-purpose plants and surfaces where antibacterial and anti-shock characteristics are required. Moreover, it is a low-emission coating.

For the walls, the system adopted was IPM AQUAPERM CERAMIX, glazing coating system. In outdoor areas, installers applied an impregnating agent resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

Today, in the nursery school of Terento children crawl and walk happily on a comfortable surface, safe, easy to maintain and resistant to chemical agents and cleaning products.

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