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Dyeing Plant

Born in 2014 at Ponte a Egola in the province of Pisa, in the heart of the Tuscany Tannery District, La Patrie SRL is a company specialized in the tanning and finishing of fine leather.

American alligator, African crocodile and ostrich represent the core business.

Headquarters and legal and production departments live together in an industrial complex where the company undertook a major restructuring investment. The project realized, in fact, is very innovative for an industrial complex, which today is truly modern and technologically advanced.

To the 3,500 square metres of production site and head office were added further 1.500 square metres of extension in July 2017, always employing specific materials in order to persevere with an environment capable to offer high standards of production and safety, with the scope to maximise efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


Breathable hydrodispersed system consisting of thick film consist of breathable formulas of new generation, with zero VOC certification.


Epoxy multilayered system, anti-skid, suitable to surfaces with medium stress.
The coating obtained has a good chemical resistance and an excellent wear resistance.


The structural implementation and installation of all-pvc systems, the use of steel equipment and the resinous coating of all the surfaces, everything was aimed to allow the elimination of the risks deriving from the contamination of products by specific metals such as, chrome, iron and aluminium to make leathers tanned fully compliant with Metal Free standards.

For La Patrie IPM Italia studied two complementary solutions: one using IPM AQUAPERM COATING, hydrodispersed system with zero VOC certification, so as not to betray the green philosophy of the company in building, contributing to keep the quality of indoor air and creating a healthy and comfortable place where to live and work.

Such a coating protected the concrete flooring by increasing its hardness and resistance to wear. It is easy to clean since dust resistant, impermeable, oil-resistant and with an aesthetic customizable finishing; the second, for the areas subject to medium mechanical and transit stress, using IPM STRATOS. The coating obtained has a good chemical and wear resistance. In the areas where process liquids deposit, the anti-slip action is excellent.


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