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Sidastico is an iron and steel company specialized in the smoothing out, cutting and processing of carbon steel sheets.

Since 1980, the headquarters has been located in the province of Vicenza, in Veneto region, a strategic point as it is close to the main ports and airports in northern Italy. This assures a quick and safe supplying and delivery of materials.

In the head office take place the main office activities, with two teams of employees, one fixed and the other in transit from Italy to the rest of the world.


System with a great versatility. Available in a gentle tone on tone or in a pleasant shading in two colours: the combinations are innumerable as well as the effects, unique and original, that you can obtain. Suitable also for application on walls, stairs and masonry furnishing.


In 2015, the owners decided to make a complete restyling of the areas enjoyed by all the employees: from the offices to the canteen, from meeting areas to the hall, up to the toilets.

Our company studied a resinous system for floorings and walls, durable and of great aesthetic impact.

The resin, in fact, has chemical/physical features very versatile. This allowed our technicians and our teams to give great personality to the surfaces: coatings similar to stone, concrete, ceramic and glass.

Colours and customization without sacrificing resistance properties to dust and trampling.

Many square metres completed, including floors and walls, without the need to demolish but adopting the technique of protection and coating of pre-existing materials such as cement, metal, stones, tiles and wood.

IPM Cult was the system used, cycle with high technical characteristics and exceptional metamorphic capacity: transparent, coloured, glossy, opaque, satin, smooth, rough, film-forming and thick.

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