Changing a flooring without demolishing: with IPM Italia is not only possible, but also easy to implement. Our company, in fact, deals with the upgrading of floorings in public and private environments of any size.

Whether resin or concrete floors, we are able to provide appropriate assistance to upgrade areas that appear to have been irreparably damaged.

Our coatings only need 2.5 mm of thickness to be installed and to upgrade damaged floorings  that are no longer adequate to guarantee hygiene and safety standards. Moreover, installation time is very short, therefore we will occupy the structure for an extremely limited time but that will give the possibility to  replace the old flooring with a new one able to ensure an excellent performance both from the functional and aesthetical point of view.

What are the characteristics that the upgraded flooring must respect?

For industries and companies the upgrading of a flooring represents an operation that requires targeted interventions so as not to interrupt the normal production cycle. For this reason, we take care of installation of the new floorings trying to create as little discomfort as possible and, where possible, operating at times of downtime. Our  teams also install at night, in the weekends or during weekdays and holidays, according to individual needs.

As producers and installers we can satisfy any request, proceeding with ad hoc workings. Out installers can operate with minimal downtime and dispersion of dust and materials, thus ensuring satisfactory final results, extremely precise, functional and with excellent aesthetic performance.


Concrete Upgrading

Concrete polluted by oils
Our internal laboratory has designed and produced IPM TEC OIL, anchor primer specific for concrete surfaces polluted by oils.

Concrete cracked, polluted or generally damaged
Thanks to a mechanical preparation, carried out by means of scarifying or grinding, the surface damaged layer is removed. The industrial flooring now cleaned is ready to be completed with the resinous system.

Concrete considerably damaged
The work starts with the heavy scarifying able to completely remove the first layer of the flooring, then goes on with the cleaning of the concrete, letting the resin adhere to the surface part of it.

Upgrading of Industrial Floorings

Whether for industrial floors in resin, clinker or tiles in general, IPM Italia has studied specific formulas for upgrading without demolishing.

The top solution for renovating or replacing clinker flooring, thus obtaining a more hygienic and silent surface because without joints, is represented by IPM BLINDO PLUS.

If you need a quick installation that reduces production downtime to a minimum, IPM QCF RAPID is the right system for you.