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Calligaris takes its name from its founder who in 1923 started to produce chair in the province of Udine.

Today the company counts more than 800 catalogue products, sold in 100 Countries worldwide, through 650 point of sales.

Calligaris is harmony between technique and aesthetics, between reason and emotion. It is a mix between contemporary design and flexibility. This is how the brand has become international and synonymous of guarantee, quality and creativity.

All characteristics that are visible in the production sites where the surfaces must be in optimal condition.

Client of IPM Italia since 2013, Calligaris has entrusted to our local sales technician and our certified teams the design and installation of resin surfaces in different areas of the buildings in Manzano, the town of the headquarters.


Multilayered epoxy system, anti-slip, suitable to medium stress surfaces.

The coating has good chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance.


The warehouse, the archive room, the shooting room, the new coating plant, the floorings of Manzano headquarters, including corridors and walkways in the shipping and production departments: for each one a complete work of paving to connect with the walls by means of shelling, appropriate horizontal and vertical signs, restoration of joints was done.

In most cases, the flooring was prepared mechanically by means of shot peening.


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