IPM Italia. Complete protection on any surface

We have been operating in the sector of technological forefront development of resins for floorings and thanks to  antibacterical additives , our products pass through a process able to make them  bacteria-mould proof. An additive, incorporated in the resin, makes surfaces more protected, increasing antibacterial  characteristics of the system and assuring unalterability even after endless  washes and prolonged wear.

Choosing IPM Italia  technology means:
- Antibacterial effectiveness  up to 99,9%;
- Antibacterial additive incorporated in the resin during production process;
- Antibacterial protection suitably distributed in the product;
- Protection on the entire surface, also in most difficult corners to reach;
- Constant active protection  to prevent the growth of  bacteria during the entire product life cycle, unlike disinfectant products whose effect duration is short .

An antibacterial additive, incorporated in the resin,  is suitable to Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, and Contract Sector, is a safe choice for all places, public and private, which may take advantage of hygienic standards improvement: such as commercial centers, airports, schools, colleges, crêches, pharmacies.

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