With a contact inhibition level of 99.9%, this special IPM Italia’s technology keeps the resin surfaces safe,
healthy and hygienic even if with only one upgrading intervention of the existing ones. 

In the historical moment we are living, the sanitization and the healthiness of the environments is a legal obligation and, in this sense, also floorings and their capacity to maintain their hygienic characteristics over time play an important role.

Since it is not always possible to intervene with a demolition and surface redevelopment work, it is good to remember that it is possible to act on pre-existing floorings by upgrading them with targeted interventions able to guarantee not only better aesthetics and newfound functionality, but also a higher degree of hygiene and safety. There are in fact innovative sanitizing technologies specifically conceived for this sector. As stressed by Andrea Penati, Technical Director of IPM Italia: “The upgrading of existing floorings can be related to public and private environments of any size and mainly concerns resin or concrete surfaces.

The advantage of an upgrading work not only lies in an excellent time-saving (and therefore in a lower economic investment), but also in the possibility to carry out targeted interventions that do not interrupt the normal production cycle. This types of interventions can be particularly advantageous for offices, laboratories, large commercial facilities and production activities in general, especially in this moment”.

With this in mind, IPM Italia – www.ipmitalia.it – one of the main national market players in the production and installation of continuous resin floorings for indoor and  natural grit floorings for outdoor in the industrial, commercial and residential sector –  has always been engaged in Research and Development activities thanks to its internal laboratory and has developed IPM Sanix technology.

Specifically dedicated to hospital environments, this technology can also be used in any industrial or civil, public or private environment.

IPM Sanix is an additive that is mixed directly in the resinous formulation at the time of its production: for this reason it is possible to integrate it in the different types of flooring of IPM Italia such as those designed for the mechanical sector (as IPM BLINDO) or those dedicated to the food sector (as IPM STRATOS) or, even, the contract sector, which in IPM FABRIKA flooring finds its best expression of aesthetics and resistance.

A resin flooring in which IPM Sanix has been integrated becomes an hygienic surface protected by external agents: it is precisely the technology behind IPM Sanix additive that makes the surface unassailable to the development of mould and bacteria, easier to clean and maintain and unchanged over time even after prolonged use and repeated washing and sanitization.

“The protocols of the Ministry of Health issued in this period of health emergency impose the obligation to sanitize the work environment with alcoholic or hypochloridric hydro solutions. Sanitization immediately leads surfaces to a bacterial level close to 0%. But it is obvious that the uninterrupted use of the surfaces raises the level of bacterial load again, which is why it is necessary to repeat the operation on a regular basis. IPM Sanix, instead, in addition to allowing a sanitization of floorings in accordance with the law, maintains over time the bacterial load of the surfaces close to 0% even if continuously used”, continues Andrea Penati. IPM Sanix protects the surfaces from external agents and the action of pathogenic microorganisms creating an environment hostile to their proliferation. IPM Sanix is the result of a wide research work in the design of products more and more innovative for the flooring sector by IPM Italia: in addition to complying with current regulations, IPM Sanix’s contact inhibition level is 99.9%.