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Airport: a place of entertainment and comfortable rest

Airport is a place of transit, but not only. For travellers, it is a truly attractive environment, providing modern and comfortable leisure and service activities. In addition to the classic areas equipped with bars, cafes, restaurants and stores, the ultra-modern terminal also offers true entertainment spaces such as spas, cinemas, gardens, and even art galleries. That’s why the choice of materials used in environment with special characteristic such as airports must be careful, starting with the floors

Airports are articulated systems where the floor and wall coverings have to integrate perfectly into the different functions of the environment. The common element that characterises the interior floor of airports is the continuous stress represented by the transit of passengers. In addition to this, there is also the need for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and walking comfort. In this regard, with our systems we are able to create different coloured paving areas, thus creating visually striking ‘guided paths’.

When projects are large both in terms of size and quality of intervention, it is necessary to be able to benefit from specialised expertise and highly competent staff.

In order to deal with the design of resin floors for airports in complete autonomy, from an organisational, managerial and executive point of view, we have created a dedicated structure with qualified internal staff. We have also selected flooring made of high-tech materials that prevent the onset of deterioration and postpone maintenance and its frequency. Ideal in new or old environmental contexts, our resin coatings are also professionally installed inside airport spaces by teams of IPM Italia certified professionals.

Here are the main critical points that can be found in an airport floor:

• High stress resistance (footfall)
• Targeted functionality
• Durability
• Resistance to most chemicals and cleaning products

What characteristics should airport floors have?

IPM Italia is the ideal contact for the design, formulation and installation of airport flooring. Our resin systems for this particular sector have been developed to withstand the constant stresses placed on them by passengers and to fully comply with the requirements of these contexts. Our more than forty years of experience in the production of resinous systems for a wide range of industries confirms that resin is the material which, more than any other, is able to provide a high guarantee of success for the laying of airport floors.

Several IPM Italia systems have been selected for airport floor and wall coverings, solutions capable of satisfying the design requirements in the best possible way, both in terms of functionality and formal expression of the spaces.

IPM Venexian:
the decorative flooring for airports

IPM Venexian is the decorative system obtained by sanding with ” terrace effect”, thanks to which the Venetian floor of ancient tradition meets technology.

This decorative system is made of high-quality resin mortar with a mixture of selected quartz and marble of different varieties and grain sizes. Another special feature of the cladding is its stain resistance and ease of maintenance.

The main advantages of choosing IPM Venexian for airport floors also include its high resistance even to very high pedestrian traffic and the possibility of improving the existing flatness, where both aesthetic and functional qualities are required.

IPM Silentia:
the elastic epoxy-polyurethane system with reduced noise impact

IPM Silentia is a self-levelling epoxy-polyurethane system that is scratch and etch resistant and perfect for airport flooring.

Its good elasticity allows it to be laid on unstable or cracked substrates. The feeling of elasticity is real. Thanks to its flexibility, IPM Silentia reduces walking noise by absorbing its impact.

The installation of this system makes it possible to obtain medium traffic areas with good mechanical characteristics and an aesthetic appearance that meets the needs of modern facilities where a layout with different colours and finishes is required.

IPM Color Flake:
the decorative system with a transparent finish and ‘colour effects’

IPM Color Flake is a further solution for creating resin floors for airports of the highest aesthetic and functional value.

It is a decorative system that incorporates small flakes with particular colour ranges into the system, and thanks to its excellent resistance and particular aesthetic yield it is ideal for every sector. The application with spatula in three or more coats allows to obtain a good flatness, correcting important imperfections of the flooring.

The advantages of this resin floor for airports include high resistance to wear and tear and scratching, which are essential features especially when upgrading damaged floors. 

IPM Sanix: the additive for safer and more hygienic floors, also perfect for airports

Finally, it is important to remember that, even when designing floors for airport areas, it is possible to integrate the IPM Sanix system, the technology specifically developed by IPM Italia for hospital environments but applicable to any civil or industrial environment, whether public or private.  

IPM Sanix protection is already included in the IPM Protecto self-levelling system. IPM Sanix is an additive which is mixed directly into the resinous formulation, and which can be integrated into all IPM Italia systems, such as those designed for the food industry (such as IPM STRATOS), for the electronic or mechanical sector (such as IPM BLINDO) or systems designed for the contract sector, which find maximum expression of aesthetics and resistance in IPM FABRIKA flooring.

Find out more about our work on the resin flooring at Milan Linate airport by exploring the project section.

You can get in touch with IPM Italia specialists right away and request advice or a quote by simply visiting the dedicated page.

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