Vulcano Buono Shopping Centre

Vulcano Buono is a commercial centre designed by architect Renzo Piano based in Nola, close to Naples. IPM Italia contributed to the phase of its design and realization by laying sub-bases, concrete floorings and internal/external resinous coatings. 

For the flooring of the gallery the system used was Basic Terrazzo, a resinous coating resistant to pedestrian traffic with pleasant aesthetic  aspect.
The use of the best epoxy product in terms of resistance to UV allowed the architect to choose extreme colour shades, passing from orange to intense yellow. Everything was realized without  joints for the control of shrinkage. 

The continuity of the coating of 22.000 sq m gave a certain grandeur  to commercial  galleries, developing with a circle trend and embracing the central square with very bright  windows. 
Moreover, Basic Terrazzo reduced to zero the typical negative characteristics of polished Venetian-style cement floorings, the risk of fissures and strong proneness to spots. Great attention was paid to the central square under the open sky, a very important project reaching about 16.000 sq m. IPM Italia used U.D. Promenade belonging to Urban Design Line.

Such a system uses marmorean or quartz inerts as a wear layer, incorporated into the Aquatec epoxy matrix, not covered of resin; this gives a natural aspect to the flooring. Laying time was long, compared to cement system based on washed gravel. The company realized the laying of 16.000 sq  m  in only four weeks, thus reducing expected time by 3 months. This allowed to open  the commercial centre  by the expected date in front of the highest State offices.


Place: Nola, Napoli (It)
System used: U.D. Promenade - Basic Terrazzo
Photographer:  IPM Italia Archive