Terento kindergarten

Terento is a small city  in the middle of mountains of  Val Pusteria (Valley), in Alto Adige region. In such a wonderful natural background placed at 1210 meters of height, the “Viennese  Architects” of Feld 72 firm realized the crêche of the community. Three little distinct houses were built, each one equipped with big windows and connected  through bright corridors: a project with a very innovative  architectural content which, besides being in perfect harmony with the surrounding buildings of the close primary school, perfectly meet the requirements of children.
Since we were charged of studying the floorings, in collaboration with Our Trustee  Applicator, Mair sas - Villabassa (BZ) we realized a series of careful on-the-spot investigations with local superintendents. In order to support the different activities of children (play, learning, rest, students’ restaurant and so on), we chose a system able to grant an excellent technical performance, chromatic customization and security.
We applied the Basic QCF Colormix system: epoxy decorative system with transparent finishing  and  “dotted” aspect. Ral colour used was white 9003 able to give great brightness. Basic QCF Colormix is the suitable solution for kindergartens, rooms for children, gyms, multipurpose buildings and places where a surface resistant to bacteria, anti-shock and with low V.O.C. is required.
For the walls the system used was Aqua Ceramix, while external areas were treated with an impregnation agent resistant to cold- thaw cycles. Today, at Terento kindergarten  children crawl and walk happy on a comfortable surface, safe for their health, with easy maintenance and resistant to chemical agents and detergents.


Place: Terento, Val Pusteria Alto Adige (It)
System used: Basic QCF Colormix
Photographer: © hertha hurnaus