S. Croce Square - Rosignano

S. Croce Square at Rosignano - Solvay is a big square  of 520 sq m designed by architect Architetto Giuseppe Milanesi. The square of the “horse” - as local citizens call it  - was  subjected to some extraordinary maintenance interventions: IPM Italia intervention lasted only a few days: these were works that, besides keeping the original aspect of this big square unaltered, allowed to renew the flooring to guarantee to all, adults and children, a safety place, neat and well painstaking.

The sub-base, on which the Urban Design GEO DRENA way laid was formed by two layers, one of which used as a foundation made of mix granular material with thickness equal to 30 cm and on tar conglomerate of the type binder with a thickness of 7 cm.
The consignor certified with laboratory tests the whole package, as well as the quality of the bituminous  layer granting the capacity in relation to traffic expected and proportionate to proofing values.
Urban Design GEO DRENA system was realized with  marble granular particles “Giallo Mori” with dimensions variable from 3 to 6 mm with epoxy finishing, resistant to UV with final thickness of 10 mm.


Place: Rosignano, Livorno (It)
System used: U.D. GEO DRAINING
Photographer: © IPM Italia Archive