Mec Carni

The company operates in the sector of meat and it has its core business at the production plant of Marcaria (MN) where pigs are dissected .. In origin, existing floorings were made of Pvc/ Linoleum in the area of dissection, while that intented for the transit of trolleys had Klinker tiles. In the first case, the flooring was detached in many points and damaged. The bad conditions of such a surface responsible of many problems in terms of hygiene did not allowed to obtain the American Certification for meat export. 

After some careful inspections, IPM Italia intervened in this way: on Thursday morning, before Easter 2010, the Client removed the Pvc layer from the concrete support. After this, IPM Italia team started to mill the support. On Friday the mix epoxy coating system was realized, while Saturday was the day of the creation of perimetric concave mouldings, joints and first scraping. On Sunday Easter the finishing was completed. The day after the Client was able to set his dissection Line again and to restore all production cycles. 

The finishing of Basic Systempox system was realized with the anti-slip degree R12 and the product used was Resisynt 600 Speed (very quick hardening and resistance to abrasion). In the area with detached tiles the support was cured by milling and resin mortar; then Systempox basic system was realized. In the areas  dedicated to trolleys transit, IPM Italia intervened one month later with a smoothing and a further grinding of klinker tiles, by applying Basic Durtec HD system and Primer Aquatec 280.


Place: Marcaria, Mantova (It)
System used: Basic Systempox/Oil/Plus – Basic Durtec HD
Photographer:  IPM Italia Archive