Enna Hospital

The new Enna Hospital is made of three portal blocks dedicated to stays and then it enlarges at the base of a compact slab conceived to give more room to general services, diagnostics and therapies. 

An harmonic loosening of courts and corridors with windows  puts in communication the different parts of the hospital. 
Thanks to simple and strong volumes the relationship with the surrounding nature is exalted for contrast. The towers of elevators have their volume covered of reflecting windows  highlighting the different shapes but being also functional. 

The intervention of  IPM Italia was initially realized through the laying of Aquatec 280, charged with Duromix inerts and Anticrack structural fibres. 
After an excessive riveting and bandaging of fissures present in the sub-base with suitable protections, IPM Italia went on by positioning aluminium sections at the closing of the entrances to premises and by filling missing parts by means of epoxy mortar Resipox mixed with Duromix 2 inert. 

The second scraping coat was realized with an epoxy product. Then, the laying of self-leveling Resisynt Art system, flexible, with inclusion of coloured chips and finishing with coat of transparent Aquatec 690 was realized. The entire  system was treated with anti-bacteria additives able to grant a better hygiene and to make cleaning and sanitization easier, even after many washes.


Place Enna (It)
System used: Basic Pharmatec
Photographer: IPM Italia Archive