Carraro Drive Tech

Carraro is an international leader in the production of systems for power transmission very efficient and eco-friendly and it owns production plant in Italy, India, Argentina, China, Germany, Polland and Usa. The client wanted to transform part of his plant used as warehouse of mechanical pieces into a production area.
As first thing, he had to dismantle the metal shelves fixed at the ground, to create a series of offices to put on the perimeter and to bright the flooring  in order to set the new machinery. After dismantlement of the warehouse, the concrete support was very damaged, since there were many points in which hydraulic oils penetrated the cement, areas in which the surface layer was detaching due to wear and the inerts of the concrete were at sight; there were also areas in which flatness was not homogeneous. 

The sole chance was that to restore the flooring by means of thick epoxy system Basic Systempox. The concrete support was initially subjected to milling and big holes were filled with resin mortar; in the areas particularly damaged by oils, a specifi Primer for polluted sub-bases was installed; then was realized the epoxy screed drawn by means of a straight edge leaving it semi-finished in order to give the flooring a consistency and flatness, able to bear the load of huge equipment, the transit of forklift trucks and trolleys and the weight of iron large cases.

As last thing, two layers of coloured epoxy finishing were installed, thus creating some grey working areas, some sky-blue  areas for the transit of trolleys and some red passages for human transit. Straddling the different colours , some yellow and white delimitation lines were realized.


 Gorizia (It)
System used: Basic Systempox/Oil/Plus
Photographer: IPM Italia Archive