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Vulcano Buono is a multifunctional complex, located in the town of Nola, entirely designed by the famous Architect Renzo Piano.

The oval-shaped structure, which reminds to the aspect of Vesuvious volcano, is made of an open-air central square around which runs a continuous gallery on two floors.

IPM Italia participated both in the design phase and in the construction phase of the centre, taking care of all the floorings, from the foundations to concrete castings, up to resinous coatings for the interior and draining ones for the exterior.


Sistema decorativo eseguito in malta di resina di elevata qualità con miscela di quarzi selezionati e marmi di diverse varietà e granulometrie. Rivestimento anti-macchia di manutenzione.


Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Ideal solution to realize continuous outdoor floorings. Characteristics and performance make it suitable for any design requirement aimed at enhancing and respecting the territory.


More specifically, the system IPM VENEXIAN, resinous coating resistant to pedestrian traffic and with a pleasant aesthetical aspect was installed as flooring of the gallery.

The choice of the epoxy coating with the highest resistance to UV rays, made it possible to use extreme colour shades varying from oranges to intense yellows. All without the need for shrinkage control joints. The effect of the continuous coating of over 22,000 square metres gives majesty to the shopping malls, which develop circularly facing the central square, through bright large windows.

IPM Venexian reminds to the traditional smoothed Venetian cement, but eliminates its negative characteristics such as cracks and strong predisposition to stains.

The open-air central square received a lot of attention, a project of considerable size quantified in 16,000 square metres, providing the installation of the continuous draining system IPM GeoDrena®.

The advantages of this system for outdoor is the drainage capacity, equal to 2,700l/min/sq. m , but also the speed of installation, which is much higher than other outdoor flooring systems: 16,000 m2 in just four weeks.

The inauguration of the Centre took place in the expected date, in the presence of the high offices of state.


Ph. Credits Moreno Maggi

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