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IPM Italia usually establishes important partnerships not only with renowned architectural firms, but also with teams of surveyors, landscape architects and designers. From these synergies were born works that are unique in terms of originality of execution.
One of the most beautiful result is without doubt that obtained with the internal and external coatings of a private villa located in Slovenia.

Over 200 square metres of brushed Grey using IPM Fabrika system for the internal floorings and the covered floorings of the shed and of the garage, and over 400 square metres of IPM GeoDrena® for the external court.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Solution ideal for outdoor continuous floorings. Characteristics and performance make it suitable for every design requirement aimed at adding value and respecting the territory.


For the outdoor area was used a mix of grits in the colours Grigio Bardiglio and Botticino, split 4/8, installed on a concrete base exploiting the inclines to convey rainwater in an optimal way in the appropriate single-slope drainage channels.

For the swimming pool area, in order to obtain a great aesthetical impact, installers opted for a very fine marble grit in the colour Rosso Verona.

The choice of IPM GeoDrena® proved to be winning once again since the flooring, while draining water, remains always dry and anti-slip. In addition to this, thanks to the innovative eco-friendly binder studied by our internal laboratory, the expanse of grits keeps the temperature at -10°C with respect to that to which it is subject.

In only two weeks, our certified team completed all the floorings without creating any inconvenience to the family living in the villa.

IPM GeoDrena®, in fact, is odourless and does not require demolition before installation. Moreover, a few machines that are not invasive or noisy are sufficient for installing it.

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