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Speed of laying • Respect for the environment • High draining capacity • Customization •  These are the “four wonderful advantages” of the outdoor coating system IPM GeoDrena®, chosen for the external area leading from the Shopping District to the Hadid Tower.

Waiting for the third tower, whose works should end by 2020, CityLife Shopping District is already operating and perfectly integrated in the articulated urban development plan of the Milano Citylife district started in 2004. A project developing on a total surface of 366,000 square metres, which represents a new concept of district, in an articulated and balanced mix of residences and offices, services and public spaces, design, technology, sustainability and clean energy.

Green areas, the city's largest pedestrian island, the largest urban commercial centre in Italy – the CityLife Shopping District hosts up to 100 shops and all types of activities – but mainly skyscrapers and residential buildings designed by internationally renowned architects who have deeply transformed the Milan’s skyline over the years.

In this scenario, our company has recently completed the floorings of the external area of the majestic building of Assicurazioni Generali: inaugurated in 2017, also called “crooked” building, result of the design Studio Zaha Hadid Architects, which completes the triptych of the Archistars together with the "straight" palace of Isozaki and the "curved" palace of Liebeskind.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Ideal solution to realize outdoor continuous floorings.

Characteristics and performance make it suitable for any design requirement aimed at increasing the value and respecting the territory.


Specifically, the challenge was to install 900 square metres of flooring that would accompany people from the entrance of the shopping district to the Generali Tower: the request of the builder was to make this area usable and walkable in the shortest possible time, while respecting the original architectural design. A geometric layout, special combinations and a specific colour palette were the conditions to start. IPM GeoDrena® proved to be the best choice right from the beginning, not only because the product perfectly met all the requests for specifications, but also because IPM Italia acted as a direct interlocutor for production, design and installation, showing great skills in the management of the construction sites and respecting execution times, thanks to its 35 years of experience.

 IPM GeoDrena® was born in the internal laboratory of IPM Italia, which has always been committed to Research and Development. This is a coating system specific for outdoor continuous floorings:

It is eco-friendly, draining, breathable and thanks to the range and combination of colours and splits of the finest natural grits (marble, quartz, porphyry, serpentine or granite) it perfectly integrates into any urban space, enhancing its value, aesthetics impact and usability. Resistant to the wear and freeze-thaw cycles and being extraordinarily durable, it offers infinite possibilities of customization according to different uses.

The speed of installation, another distinctive feature of IPM GeoDrena®, proved to be fundamental to respond to one of the most critical issues of City Life project: the impossibility of closing the area to transit while paving it.

The certified team of IPM Italia mixed the aggregates with the eco-friendly binder of its exclusive production directly on site and installed the system in just 8 working hours during the night. The technique of installation in sequence has allowed the faithful replication of the drawing and the combination of colours previously agreed. The high draining capacity of IPM GeoDrena®, about 2700 l/min/sq,m, as well as its capacity of contrasting the heat island that tends to cool the system when temperatures rise inexorably, were also very important. In the cities where, especially in summer, the phenomenon of 'heat islands' frequently occurs, the thermal properties of the flooring are extremely important.

The SRI index of IPM GeoDrena® is around 47.1, therefore allowing an important reduction of the heat during the summer. This feature, in addition to assuring the full enjoyment of the spaces even during the hot season, results also in a greater compatibility with the surrounding environment, in a reduction of consumption and in a sustainability of the whole project in the long term.


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