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The little square Matermania is located on the belvedere overlooking the small seascape, one of the most exclusive areas and an important nerve centre for tourism on the famous island of Capri.

The strategical position makes it one of the most beautiful of the whole island. For this reason, IPM Italia technicians and the Architect Claudio Oscar Stabile worked together to find a solution capable of integrating with the surrounding natural environment: some fine natural marble grits Grigio Bardiglio were chosen to obtain a good aesthetic aspect and the inerts were mixed to the IPM eco-friendly binder in order to obtain an excellent draining performance. The installation of the compound took place on a wet sand-concrete soil screed, with inclines designed to convey rainwater to the side ends, up to the appropriate drainage channels.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Ideal solution for outdoor continuous floorings. Characteristics and performance make it suitable for every design requirement aimed at adding value and respecting the territory.


The teams of installers worked for 48 hours, restoring and coating the parts highlighted by the designer without demolishing existing ones, thus avoiding the generation of polluting waste and heavy disposal.

For the wonderful and historical restyling, the work provided the use of special materials, impressive architectural styles, special furnishing. Installers removed the architectural barriers to access the square and this precious gem, today representing the main tourist attraction able to attract communities and visitors, was given a new image.

Capri’s island is an incredible mine, a wonderland with extraordinary works of art and landscapes, just like those you can enjoy from Matermania Square.

Thanks to this upgrading work, many people can now seat on the design benches positioned in the centre of this little square, enjoying the view and taking a few shots, memory of an incomparable Italian experience… from the landscape to the architectural structures.


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