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The Hotel Village Magna Grecia is located in Metaponto in Basilicata region, in the wonderful and ancient land of Magna Graecia, from which it takes its name.

The prestigious structure, located in a lucky position a few kilometres from the famous “Stones” of Matera and from the Taranto gulf, completely immersed in the greenery, in 2018 was subject to total renovation.

Our company participated in the restyling works, dedicating certified technicians and teams to the construction of over 2,000 square metres of flooring.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Ideal solution to realize continuous outdoor floorings. Characteristics and performance make it suitable for any design requirement aimed at enhancing and respecting the territory.

IPM Italia / Magna Grecia Resort Metaponto / photo © Pierangelo Laterza

The system chosen was IPM GeoDrena® grits of finest white marble of Carrara, split 3/6 mm mixed to IPM eco-friendly binder, with previous installation of a polyurethane membrane between it and the foundation to favour the outflow of rainwater to the sewers and wells.

The flooring, destined to pedestrian stress of over 50,000 people per year, is beautiful, functional,

eco-friendly and perfectly integrated with the surrounding natural environment: from the pinewood through which runs the eco-friendly train to reach the beach, to the comfortable and relaxing atmospheres of the grits of outdoor and relax areas, from common areas to housing units.

Many green areas to connect the entire place with the surrounding pine forest are present, all integrated with elegance thanks to ad-hoc inserts installed directly in the flooring.

Thanks to the draining capacity and to the eco-friendly materials, plants can take water while growing strong and healthy without generating unsightly weeds.

IPM Italia / Magna Grecia Resort Metaponto / photo © Pierangelo Laterza

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