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Passion for excellent food combined with the desire to experiment, a perfect union between haute cuisine and informality. This is Hambù, which rediscovers its values in the design of its locations.

The Italian tradition of the warm wood reminding of the taverns meets the search for innovative ideas of the resin technology, which flows smoothly without interruption on the walls and floors. The warm shades welcome and relax for a unique cooking experience.

The result of the project of AP Design with IPM Italia resinous materials is enchanting. Specifically, the system used was IPM FABRIKA.

Born in our internal laboratory, the system takes inspiration by concrete of which it preserves the solidity and the functionality, but changing the style. For Hambù, in fact, it became “mélange”, thus giving dynamism to the spaces and making them contemporary and comfortable matching with the rest of the woody coating.


System resistant to wear, trampling and abrasion.

Resistant to fire and stains, it is particularly suitable for adapting to radiant systems, offering high thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays.
Also available with IPM SANIX technology.

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