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Dyeing Plant

A 15 million euro adventure for the Haas brothers who have allocated funds to the construction of a large complex capable of accommodating two new laundries.

Specifically, this is a private public partnership with the local health authority, which initiated the creation of industrial laundries in the area of "Monte", along the road leading to Termeno in Vadena territory.

The plant of about 10 thousand square metres, which will soon host 100 employees between public and private, takes care of the washing of the linen of the seven hospitals and the two sanatoriums of South Tyrol.


Self-levelling epoxy system, used for coatings with smooth finishing and better flatness.

Possibility of insertion of PVC chips available in various colours making the flooring even more special.


The company has been operating since 1952 in South Tyrol, Trentino and Veneto regions.

In addition to the daily washing of 20 tons of textile products coming from the structures under the ASL, also takes care of the 60,000 items of Croce Bianca and of the daily washing of the clothing of the employees of some Venetian supermarkets. Moreover, it has also a business branch dedicated to the sale and washing of doormats, counting about 2,000 clients including hotels, restaurants and bars.

For the new branches of Haas, our company installed all the floorings using IPM LEVELLING, self-levelling epoxy system able to assure a surface with a perfectly smooth finishing and a greater flatness.

The aesthetical aspect, already pleasant by itself, was emphasizes by means of the insertion of some white, black and grey chips, on a white basis RAL 9010.

The installation of the flooring, specifically studied for this client, took place under the careful guidance of the technical management and the teams of chemists IPM Italia.

The distinctive feature of this work was not only the excellent aesthetic impact, but its functionality as well: dustproof, impermeable and anti-oil, extremely easy to clean, with excellent flatness and antibacterial shield capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Suitable for medium stress surfaces, the flooring confirmed to be perfect for the transit of common trolleys in buildings used as industrial laundries.

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