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In Rovereto IPM Italia together with the Architecture and engineering firm Leoni&Leoni, designed the new Sporting Centre of the City: Le Fucine.

The new structure can welcome many activities and many amateur and not amateur athletes, a place to play sport, but also an important meeting point for the whole community.

A gym with a stand accommodating 280 spectators, an regular-size sports ground made of artificial grass, a natural grass ground, a multi-purpose ground, changing rooms, warehouses and a bar/restaurant area.

From free-age physical courses to football for children, from 5-a-side football to volleyball. Each space was though for fully accessibility.

For this reason, the Municipal Administration decided to separate indoor and outdoor activities, also in terms of design, entrusting the realization of each element only and exclusively to qualified companies with the necessary certifications.


Medium thick multilayered epoxy system with monochromatic effect and anti-slip finishing, suitable to medium stress surfaces.

The coating guarantees good chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance.


Breathable and glazing hydrodispersed system, reinforced with glass fabric. Suitable to walls since it satisfy sanitization standards.
Realized with breathable formulas of new generation, with zero VOC certification.


IPM Italia was in charge of interior coatings, fully resinous.

Our sales technician worked together with IPM internal laboratory to study the chromatic solution able to act as a fil rouge between all the surfaces: a beautiful game of white/green contrasts made with the two specific systems IPM AQUAPERM CERAMIX used for the walls and IPM STRATOS used for the floorings.

Between the horizontal and vertical surfaces were positioned some appropriate fittings to create a continuous solution free from joints and therefore much more hygienic. The first system used is hydrodispersed, breathable and glazing.

Created specifically by our laboratory for application on walls where it is necessary to transfer continuity from the floor, it meets the needs of sanitization according to the laws in force.

Made of breathable formulas of new generation, with zero VOC certification.

Such components contribute to preserve the quality of indoor air, creating a healthy place thanks to the total protection of vertical surfaces so that easier to clean and free of porosity.

The second coating is a medium thick multilayered epoxy system, with monochromatic effect and anti-slip finishing. Suitable to surfaces with medium stress traffic, it has good chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance.

Both systems provided the addition of a specific additive during the production phase capable of fighting up to 99.9% of the bacteria on surface.

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