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Many Italian municipalities decide to use IPM GeoDrena® to upgrade areas of public utility. Among them, Vigonza (PD) that chose our company to restyle the Enrico Zanella Square.

IPM Italia technicians collaborated with the Management responsible for the supervision of works also with regard to the rebuilding of the damaged support in full compliance with the CNR Guidelines on industrial floorings and installed a steel fibre-reinforced solution in order to give the structure high performance, both in terms of flexibility and reduction of cracks.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor floorings. Solution ideal for outdoor continuous floorings. Characteristics and performance make it suitable for every design requirement aimed at adding value and respecting the territory.


Installers created the necessary inclines to converge rainwater towards the points of collections realized with slit channels, positioned at height with the support of the resin.

The colour chosen for the stalls was Sabbia del Ticino, while a careful division of splits Breccia Pernice was chosen for the Square, the walkways and the ramps leading to the shops.

The choice of different granulometries served both to visually delimit the areas, and to create real "optical effects", such as those that can be noted when the light inside the square varies.

There were hundreds of areas measuring 80x40 cm inside “incorporated” formworks, therefore not visible, created with the finest granulometry.

A unique effect!


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