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During the Milan Design Week of 2018, IPM Italia launched in its stands in Via Tortona and Piazza San Marco, an important project to support the requalification of the open urban spaces.

In a world more and more virtual, in which the relationships are mainly cultivated through technological devices and Internet connections, IPM Italia thought of a return to sociality through improvements and sharing of common areas in the open air.

IPM GeoDrena® – City Play, coating suitable for all types of cycle/pedestrian and driveway flooring, is a 100% eco-friendly system obtained thanks to natural inerts mixed with the eco-friendly binder, exclusive formula produced in IPM internal laboratories.

IPM GeoDrena®

Eco-friendly system for outdoor draining floorings. Ideal solution to realize open continuous floorings. Its characteristics and performance make it suitable for any design requirement aimed at adding value and respecting the territory.


An expanse of grits allowing to coat existing floorings designing new ones, also with a playful theme, simply combining and alternating the colours of the inerts.

A winning example is that of the timeless Bell Game... which one of you had not tried to get through at least once?

Verde Alpi, Rosso Verona, Giallo Siena, Rosa Corallo and many other shades with which it is possible to form the unforgettable numerical grid in which you can stay balanced on one foot. Marbles, quartzes, granites of different sizes and colours to create the best possible solution capable of transforming a space subject to degradation into a point of aggregation for both young and old.

With IPM GeoDrena® – City Play public spaces become easily usable, also for the elderly and disabled, since the flooring is anti-slip and the aggregates, once bound and catalysed, make the surface perfectly plain and practicable by wheeled vehicles.

Besides playing with the shapes, numbers, words and colours it is possible to decorate the area by creating green islands: IPM GeoDrena®, in fact, has an extraordinary draining capacity, 2.700 l/min/m2 almost like a

Lawn, allowing the passage of the water for the plants without damaging them, being such a formula with zero VOC certification. Rediscovering the pleasure to stay together in the open air, enjoying common spaces and returning to cultivate interpersonal relationships between young and old has never been so much fun!

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