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Carraro Group is an international Group leader in the design, production and sale of steel axles, transmissions and gears of medium and large size.

With eight production plants in Italy, Germany, Argentina, India and China, the company continues to seize the opportunities offered by the market, expanding its presence and developing product solutions in response to the different needs of the clients.

IPM Italia has been charge of the floorings of Italian and German factories of the Group for over twenty years and it counts several construction sites in Italy between PaduaPordenoneChietiRovigo and in Germany (Hattingen), in addition to those periodically active because under the phase of design, construction or maintenance.

The first work of flooring installation for our company consisted of transforming an old warehouse of mechanical parts into a production site.


High-thick fibre-reinforced epoxy mortar system, impermeable, with high mechanical and chemical resistance. Specific for the recovery of old cracked and damp floors. It allows the recreation of design inclines and flatness.


As a first thing, installers dismantled the metal shelves fixed to the ground, created some offices destined to be positioned on the perimeter and removed the floorings in order to host the new machinery.

The concrete damaged support presented the traces of hydraulic oil that penetrated it in several points.

In some areas, the surface layer was not present due to wear and the inerts were visible. There were also areas without flatness.

The best solution was to restore the floor by means of a thick epoxy system: IPM BLINDO.

After the first scarifying phase of the concrete support, all the holes present were covered with resin mortar and, in the areas particularly soaked in oil, was applied a specific primer for polluted foundations.

Then, was created the epoxy screed installed by rods and trowelled in order to restore consistency and flatness to the flooring and making it suitable for the weight of large machine tools, the passage of forklifts and trolleys and the pressure and dragging of iron caissons.

In the end, the finishing provided two coloured epoxy coats to highlight the different areas of work: grey as basic colour, blue for trolley transit lanes and red for footpaths and yellow and white boundary lines over the different colours.

Thanks to this work, IPM Italia gained the full trust of the Group Carraro Drive Tech SPA, with which it still works today.


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