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Axel Elettronica deals with the assembly of electronic components, in SMT and THT technology, with high quality standards.

The company offer its clients a comprehensive service thanks to the department dedicated to the design of the project and its development, finally moving on to the realization that ends with the packaging of the product created.

Equipped with high technology and productive efficiency machinery, positioned in a place built with elements in compliance with RoHS regulations, the company meets the necessary ESD standards for the correct handling of the components.


Multilayered epoxy system with excellent decorative characteristics conceived for the industrial environment using the transparency of the finishing.


An antistatic, joint-free and certified coating is necessary and indispensable for a building in which such an activity takes place.

For this reason, the solutions of IPM Italia, specialized in technical floorings for over 35 years, were the best on the market.

IPM VOLTEC COLORMIX was the formula chosen by our local sales technician, a multilayered epoxy system with excellent decorative characteristics, specially designed by our laboratory for industrial surfaces.

For this specific flooring were installed more than 2000 square metres of Grigio Finestra Ral 70/40 with "salt and pepper" effect.

IPM VOLTEC COLORMIX is available in different anti-slip versions. For this flooring, installers opted for a medium anti-slip degree.

The system proved to be the best choice right from the start meeting all AST/ESD standards. The system is highly resistant to wear and scratches.

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