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In the industrial sector of the south of Italy, this is the second most important production plant at a national level after Fiat plant based in Melfi.

Dedicated to the production of aeronautical components, the industrial complex Alenia Aeronautica develops on an area of 28 hectares, of which 90,000 square metres of built area.

The main challenge of this project, entirely entrusted to the Firm Amati Architetti, was to conciliate excellent architectural quality with excellent efficiency and production capacity.


Multilayered breathable hydrodispersed system with semi-smooth finishing.

The system consist of breathable formulas of new generation, with zero VOC certification, which contribute to preserve the quality of indoor air creating an healthy and comfortable place where to live and work.


The plan of the factory is a rectangular building consisting of three aisles 55 metres wide and 25 metres high, that extends for about 70,000 square metres.

The shed roof, with transparent surfaces inside, assures extraordinary conditions of light and a high level of comfort in the working environment, as well as significant energy savings.

IPM Italia, in charge of the floorings, put together a team dedicated to their installation, with round tables between chemists of the internal laboratory, sales technicians and installers.

The entire factory was supposed to see the light in just 14 months.

IPM Italia’s professionals unanimously chose IPM AQUAPERM STRATOS, a multi-layered breathable hydrodispersed system with semi-smooth finishing. Such a system, based on breathable formulas of new generation with zero VOC certification, contributes to maintain an excellent quality of the air inside the factory, without altering it, maintaining health care consonant with a place to live and work.

The Coating, suitable to areas subject to medium mechanical stress from traffic and to dynamic punching, has also excellent aesthetic characteristics, protects the concrete flooring increasing its hardness and wear resistance, has an important dustproof, oil-proof, impermeable action, is easy to clean and is totally insensitive to osmotic counterthrusts.

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