IPM Gummy

Polyurethane system for anti-shock floorings

IPM Gummy is an anti-shock polyurethanesystem able to ensure the maximum safety for children, designed to cover the floorings of play areas. This product  is perfect for the floorings of play areas given its technical characteristics that make it not only anti-shock, butalso anti-.slip, easy to sanitize and able to ensure a soft impact in the event of a fall: in short, perfect for children.

The main characteristic is theoptimal shock absorption that makes the whole flooring soft on impact and trampling. The other characteristic that makes it really unique is its versatility in terms of decoration since it is available in multiple colours as well as drawings and geometric shapes.

The main areas suggested for the installation of IPM Gummy are play areas, walkways of gardens and pool edges designed to welcome an increasing number of people, especially children, for whom a certain level of safety is essential. This solution is perfect for outdoor areas also exposed to atmospheric agents as it resists to the freezing and thawing cycles.

  • Anti-shock as provided by the regulations in force
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Colours as per RAL table
  • Easy access even with wheelchairs
  • Impermeable and draining surface
  • Heat and ice resistant

The versatility that decorates playful spaces

Children's areas must be colourful and lively. For this reason, IPM Gummy has been designed to carry out a dual activity, that is to say,
providing anti-shock floorings, but also decorative.

IPM Freetime

Eco-friendly system for cycle-pedestrian lanes

IPM Freetime is an eco-friendly system designed and installed by our company suitable for covering cycle-pedestrian lanes and outdoor sports facilities. The formulation with specific resinous products makes it perfect for sports areas.

With IPM Freetime it is possible to create new floorings or to cover or restore old foundations. This solution, in fact, is suitable for covering new or old asphalt foundations, provided they are healthy and cohesive.

The strength of IPM Freetime is its ability to ensurethe correct anti-slip grip, an high elasticity and the ideal coefficient of restitution of the playing balls, or the bounce of the same ones. Moreover, it is perfect  for the realization of cycle or pedestrian lanes and for outdoor areas since it is also resistant to temperature changes.

  • Ability to absorb micro injury and thermal expansion
  • Anti-slip action also in the presence of water stagnation
  • Can also be applied to damp surfaces
  • Natural matt aspect

The eco-friendly versatility with a natural aspect

IPM Freetime is the suitable flooring for cycle-pedestrian lanes. Safe, environmentally friendly