IPM Green Paving Line was born thanks to the collaboration with international partners.

Green Paving Line is made by eco-friendly products for soil stabilization and dust control. This is the suitable solution for natural roads and cyle lanes located in green environments, both in Italy and worldwide.

Retraining and build new floorings avoiding the damage to the nature, is now possible.

GREEN SOIL and CON AID - GREEN STAB are eco-friendly products able to stabilize the soil until it becoming carriageable and the dust is completely demolished.

IPM Italia guarantees specialized assistance, from the research in the internal laboratory, to the design phase and during the application of the products in site. Thanks to the sales network organized in all the Italian field and worldwide we are able to offer our presence everywhere.



Ideal for the processing of plastic soil. The Ionic action transforms the hydrophilic soil into hydrophobic.

Result:Transformation of degraded aggregates  into roads  that do not generate more mud, now and holes.

The ionic action transforms the soil from absorbent to water-repellent, turning degraded soils into roads and pedestrian paths, cycling tracks that no longer generate mud, furrows and potholes, increasing the CBR up to 800%.


  • PERMANENT: stabilizes the ground permanently
  • STRONG: once applied, the product remains in time
  • PERFORMANCE: greatly increases the compression resistance of the aggregates
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: does not bear any damage to the natural environment in which it is placed
  • COLORLESS: does not change the natural color of the inert
  • ELASTIC: it has an elastic yield much more performance than the cement-based products
  • VERSATILE: easy to apply by means of sprinkling and/or milling
  • CONTROL DUST: eliminates the problem of raising surface dust
green paving line di ipm



Binder suitable for the construction or retraining of the natural roads, cycling tracks and pedestrian paths, subject to environmental restrictions. It can be used both on existing aggregates and with natural hauled-in aggregates. IPM Green Soil maintains the porosity of the aggregates, increasing the aggregate’s CBR up to 400%.


  • VERSATILE: GREEN SOIL is available in several formulas
  • STRONG: it increases up to 400% the compression strength of aggregates
  • PERMEABILITY: it doesn’t change the permeability of aggregates
  • NON-TOXIC: GREEN SOIL doesn’t hurt the environment
  • COLOURLESS: doesn't modify the natural color of aggregates
  • DURABILITY: it is a solution that last over the time
  • ELASTIC: it is much more elastic than concrete-based products
  • EASY TO APPLY: topical application, mill or paver machine
green paving line di ipm